Monday, January 11, 2010

Who wouldn't want a wife?

Laugh at it, we just do. Yet it is not a mere description of the expectancy of a personal assistant but how reluctant one may be for the daily routines.
I am not sure how it is in average in Taiwan. I have not been undergo this. :p

Most of the studies show that even in developed countries like Sweden (sorry but I refuse to take US as a good example, it's far too conservative in average in it's culture and the work rate of woman), which has 51% of female parliament members, women spend more than 1 hour on houseworks than their husbands per day.

Labor, and its opposite,
leisure time, should be count in a time bar. Then we do not count just how much chores one has done but how much time it takes one. Many of the houseworks men do, or they would say, share, household, are cleaning the bins and fix the sink or toilet, especially those who spend much less time on the household chores than their wives. They do not share ironing or laundry doing, which are more time-taking jobs. They do small ones.

And there are still some, surprisingly a very large group of them, do cook. But not ordinary supper but baking cakes, gourmet dishes, or luxurious feast they cook. For those they could easily get a sense of achievement they do, there's no routine they help. They are not suppose to help, they should do and share half with their wives.

Too harsh I am.

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